Testimonials, see some of my happy
This is from Don who purchased both pups from
me.                                                                                                                                                               Hi Paula,
Thanks again for a great companion, They really love one another and we love them very much.
Sending you a picture of the great ones. THANK YOU

Don Meyers
This is from Jenean, who bought pua the fall of
2007                                                                                                                                                     Hi,
Paula...just thought I'd send a Pua update!

Pua in the early days....and Pua today! :) Just thought I'd show you how big
she's gotten! She is SO much fun! We are enjoying her to no end!
This is from Kristina   
Here is a pic of Ping Pong and Yogi.  We bought
Ping Pong from you in September of 06 and
Yogi was brought home this past August.  As
you can see, they are happy, healthy and love
each other.  They are the highlight of our day
(and night!)

Allie has lived in Madrid, Spain, Shelton, WA, and now
traveled all over Spain and France.  She will soon see
Tirana, Albania.  She has an EU Passport and she has
traveled all over Spain and France.  She will soon see to
some of the Balkans and quite possibly take a ferry ride
to Italy.  Allie is so spoiled and so loved.  She has asked
brought so much to us and our lives.  We couldn’t have
asked for a better pet.  We think of her as our child, not
our dog.  She is such a joy.  Her disposition and knows
personality are incredible.  She is great with children,
knows to be gentle with younger children and babies,
and is always ready to be a friend to other dogs.  I have
attached a picture of her so you can see how she is
doing.  Thank you so much for such a great and
wonderful pet.

Hey Paula, I wanted to show you some
pictures of Molly. She is 6 months, 1 week in
these photos. She has got loads of energy
and hops around the house when she is
playing, it is quite entertaining. She is
appears to be very smart as the training is
going well. We love our youngest member of
our family!
Hi Paula,

Thank you again, for adding two more members to our family!
My sister and I, picked up two Puggle puppies from your April
2008 litter. Marley and Remy, pictured here, are affectionate,
fun-loving, friendly and full of energy. They are the sweetest
companions, and we love them like family! Thanks again.
Here's a white male boxer you sold to me!
Thank you so much, Punchy is a well
behaved and fun boxer. My 17 month old
daughter loves to play with him. I just wanted
to let you know that you added a huge lovable
pet to our family.
This is Sampson, this is what his owner had
to say.

Sampson just turned six on July 27th,
thought I'd send you a photo update

I'm crazy for this guy
Proud owners of one of your adorable puggles!

We thought we'd send a couple pictures of Pax who
celebrated his first birthday yesterday!  As you can see from
the picture of the day we picked him up, he's grown quite a
bit!  He's a very active boy who loves to run and play with our
10 and 5 yr. old boys, harrass the old family cat, and he loves
the beach, which is where we celebrated his birthday this
last weekend.  

The year flew by so fast...he's brought so much joy to our
lives.  We thought you might enjoy an update on your
extended pet family!
just wanted to share a picture or two of
Bailey....he is just over a year old now
(birthdate 9/12/08).  He's been a wonderful
dog and we look forward to adding to our dog
family in the spring (2010).  We'll get in touch
with you in January to see what you have
going on and if there are any new puppies on
the way!

I attached a photo of our male boxer
purchased from you.  His name is Tucker
and he is a great dog.  He is a Boxer true to
his reputation as a great friend and famliy
dog.  He is very playful and active.   The
picture says it all he loves his family.  We are
very thankful for getting him.
I purchased a beagle from you back in Nov. of 2008 and I always periodically go
to your website to check out your new litters.  I named my beagle Gus...attached
is a picture of him.  I remember you saying that you breed the "bay" out of your
beagles and at the time I didn't know if that was even doable.  However, it does
work as Gus doesn't bark or howl - maybe on occasion when someone is at
the door, but all my neighbors comment on how quiet of a beagle he is.

Gus has brought so much joy to my life, so thank you for the work that you do!
just found your information in some of my
papers and decide to let you know that the
boxer I bought from you 3.5 years ago is
doing great.  We named her Winafred,
Winnie for short.  She is still full of so much
daycare children.  Thank you so much for
picking her out for me
I purchased one of your puggle pups from your April litter, and
we could not be happier.  She is everything we had
ever hoped for and more.  She is sweet, loving, funny, with tons
of personality.  And she's so beautiful she stops people in their
tracks everywhere we go.  We are already planning on adding
another puggle to our family so she can have a little friend, so
will certainly hear from us again.

Thank you so much for helping us find her!
Just to let you know: We adopted Brodie from you three years ago. And it's been

He is a delightful companion to our 5-year-old female, Sabia. They chase each
other around the house, inside and out (in good weather). He is a loving lil' guy
and we are very happy to have him as part of our family. He thoroughly enjoys
visits from our adult children and our grandchildren. A Precious Companion

Just wanted to give you an update on Ava.  She will be 6 months old this
Wednesday!  She has been in obedience classes since she was 3
months old and is doing awesome.  The trainers have been so
impressed with her that they asked us to participate in their program
called Pup’prentice.  The Pup’prentice program prepares her to be a
taken this past weekend.  We get to go to nursing homes and fire stations
as part of the training and she has been exposed to virtually everything.  I
have yet to find something she is afraid of!  In April, she will be able to take
a test and then be certified as a therapy dog.  She will also be certified as
a Reading with Rover dog and we will be able to go into schools and
struggling readers can read aloud to her. I will also be able to take her to
places like Children’s Hospital.   She is such a special little girl and we
absolutely love her!!!!