Created to provide companion animals with a nutritional advantage, Life’s Abundance
Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs is made with select ingredients to help your dog
achieve and maintain optimum health.  

Formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, one of the nation’s leading holistic veterinarians, this superior food
addresses the needs of the whole body.  Every ingredient is carefully chosen based upon its
positive effects on a dog’s physiology, to promote the long-term health of canines.  

Loved by both puppies and adult dogs of all breeds and sizes, this delicious recipe features an
antioxidant system to support dogs throughout their life cycle. Also figuring prominently are omega
fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a glossy coat, and complex carbohydrates from oat groats
for sustained energy.  Another highlight of this food is our proprietary blend of vitamins and
minerals to supply dogs with the nutrients that help them to thrive, regardless of their age.  This
Life’s Abundance recipe furnishes the body with optimal protein levels, to help puppies grow strong
and adults to maintain muscle mass.  Additionally, we have added a balanced blend of calcium and
phosphorous to support both developing and aging bones.  Our naturally-flavored kibble comes
complete with dietary fiber to promote digestive health.  

And because we use only wholesome ingredients, this formula contains no artificial colors or
flavors, no corn, no wheat and no glutens.  Life’s Abundance is nutritionally-dense, which means
that you won’t have to feed your dog as much food as other brands. That can translate into savings
you can count on, meal after meal, year after year. Not only that, but smaller meals and
concentrated nutrition means less mess to clean up outside.  

When you try Life’s Abundance, you’ll know why people say it’s what pet food should be!