.Boxers are great companions always willing to play
and engage with their family. Boxers are high
energy dogs and do very well with children and
active adults.  
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Here is dad; he weighs 80 pounds
and is very sweet and loving.
I am now accepting deposits, if you have
spoken with me about the details of a deposit
and know the availability, you may use the
button below for a deposit
only.                                                      My
phone number is
206-930-0811 call or text
This is the grandfather or great grand
father. King George.
Great grand father of upcoming
litter. Sugar Ray.Or great great
This is the grandfather of the current
litter. He is also ARVC certified
I do have to collect sales tax on total.
You can
reserve your
puppy today.
The dep

This is my great big Mack. He is the curent
father  DNA certifide, and gene certified to not
cary ARVC gene.
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This is the dad of this boy.
I have pups on the way!!