Typical Stay
  • Doggies wake up in their own secure room, listening to soft music,                                                                              
    smelling their own bedding, brought by their Mom or Dad.
  • They go out for a quick potty time, then back inside for a familiar breakfast                                                                          
    provided by Mom or Dad.
  • Out they head into one of my 80 by 40 ft  play yards, where they are matched with                                                                  
    playmates to romp or hang out on a porch for 4 to 5 hrs.
  • Then, personalized activities chosen by owners
  • Back to their rooms for an afternoon nap, followed by more playtime before dinner.
  • One more potty time before lights out at 9 pm  
Mom or Dad Requirements
  • Immunization record, flea control, and current fecal test for your pooch.
  • Familiar bedding; if pooch sleeps without any, please provide an old blanket or sweatshirt you have used recently.
  • Current food plus instructions on amount.
  • Favorite toy, if they have one (this will be kept with them in their room).
  • Any medications, plus pill pockets for administration.
                   Safety and comfort are our priority

Our primary focus is to provide an environment of trust, comfort, and safety:

  1. Secure individual rooms with solid wood walls and a sliding doggy door to
    a mini-run (closed at night). Play yards have six-foot fencing with a cement
  2. Comfortable individual rooms are furnished with a 1" rubber floor mat over
    a cement floor to keep their 'feetsies' warm. Rooms are fully insulated,
    heated, and air conditioned, with a separate outside run.

You will be entrusting the care of your Precious Companion to a dog lover with
over 25 yrs of experience. I operate a small, privately owned facility on 5 acres
next to my home.   
Give me a call, text, or e-mail
to find out more info. I am a
privately owned small kennel.
I care about my business and
your dog. Located in
Enumclaw WA.
             I am now open for boarding.
          Call, text or email    360-226-5119
Safe and secure.
    Home away from home.
                            Doggy hotel.
                                    We'll leave the light on.
One of my play yards pups will spend their days running and
playing in.
                                               Boarding Fees

  • Dog 50 pounds and under $25.00 per day
  • Dog over 50 pounds $30.00 per day
  • Two dogs under 50 pounds sharing a room $40.00 per day
  • Two dogs over 50 pounds sharing a room $50.00 per day

Add Ons
  • Activities like fetch, soccer, or swimming in the lake. (Owner provides toys)  $10.00
  • Snuggle time, for those who need a little extra affection                                     $10.00
  • 10 minute walk on property                                                                                         $5.00
  • Nature walk  1.5 mile loop around lake.                                                                $20.00


  • As long as your pooch will take pills in food                                                   .50 per pill